With Portraits of Ballers we want to highlight people with different backgrounds but sharing the same passion for basketball. Every guest will answer the same questions but the answers will tell a different story about basketball.

Our motto for this project is SAME CITY. SAME PASSION. DIFFERENT STORY.

Penga Per

Streetball, Hip Hop, Sneakers, for Per aka Penga Per, Basketball is more than a sport it's a lifestyle. 

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From playing in Åmål to an high school scholarship in the US to commenting basketball for Eurosport, Basketball has always been a big part of Jakob Törnell's life. 

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Ludvig "Ludde" Håkanson was born in Bromma, Stockholm and grew up playing basketball for Alvik.
He is now point guard for one of the top team in the Euroleague and a key member of the Swedish national team. 
A true Stockholm baller with a bright international future.

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Christie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. But most of all, she was born and raised with a basketball in her hands. Tired of the Canadian cold and snowy winters, she moved to Stockholm in January 2005. 
Christie never lost the passion for the game and is now an instructor at SSIF Basketball and an assistant coach for the Solna Vikings F02 team.

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Kenny Grant comes from a real basketball family. Born in Norrköping, basketball has taken him around the globe, first by following his father during his career, then by following his own.

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From Täby to the Spanish league, through the NCAA and the UK, basketball is more than a sport in Andreas' life. It's a real passport that took him around the world and made it possible for him to meet basketball personalities from different horizons.

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