From Täby to the Spanish league, through the NCAA and the UK, basketball is more than a sport in Andreas' life. It's a real passport that took him around the world and made it possible for him to meet basketball personalities from different horizons.

A healthy lifestyle has allowed Andreas to go through his basketball career and he is now giving workout tips on his website www.proleteformula.com. Check it out!

1. When did you start playing basketball and why?

I started playing at the age of 11 or 12 in Täby Basket. Mainly because one of my best friend was playing basketball at the time. And I was expected to be tall because of my tall parents. So it was something I had to try!

2. What does basketball mean to you? 

Basketball has been a vehicle for me in every aspect of my life. I have been able to travel the world, see places people only dream of, I've received a top education, met important and famous people, gained amazing and healthy lifestyle, and other countless opportunities, all because of basketball. And all of that for free!

3. What is your favorite basketball court in Stockholm and why?

I would pick Fryshuset. It was a place I spent most of my time as a young basketball player developing my skills. And I actually attended their school for a year, so it is definitely a place I adore. I often go back and visit it in my off season. 

4. What is your best basketball memory?

I have two actually:

One is when I won the Swedish National Championships with my Täby Basket team at the age of 15. We beat Solna, and I was the MVP even though I was playing in a league a year older than me.

The second one is the experience of going to the NCAA tournament my first year in college. 20,000 people watching one single game! TV networks everywhere. Bus escorts to the game. Private jet. It was quite the experience! We ended up losing against DeAndre Jordan's Texas A&M team. But it was still an unreal experience. 

5. Your favorite kicks on and off court? Which pair did you buy last?

I stick to Nike kicks. Off the court I like wearing Air Force Ones (hightop). I really like bright and piercing colors, so on the court I'll wear neon colored hyperfuses or hyperdunks (ed. You can easily spot that on Andreas' Instagram!)

6. Name a basketball personality you look upon to:

Legendary UCLA coach John Wooden. He was just such an amazing and humble character. He truly knew the definition of "success". I was fortunate to meet him twice before he passed away. A true inspiration in basketball, and in life.   

7. Who do you think will be the next Swedish player in NBA?

It is really hard to tell. We do have some Swedish talent here in Spain, Ludde Håkanson, Marcus Eriksson, etc. But it is hard to tell. NBA is such an athletic league, and Europeans in general are often overlooked. 

8. The perfect song before a game: 

Dead Presidents by Jay-Z

9. How would you define the basketball culture in Stockholm? 

The youth basketball in Stockholm is amazing. I think Stockholm has a lot of potential. Supporters and sponsors just need to realize it.

There is no reason that Stockholm shouldn't have  a power house basketball program. Stockholm needs to dedicate funds to building a designated basketball facility, similar to what Luleå and Norrköping currently has. I think intercity youths would respond very well to this. 

10. How do you spend your basketball summer? How do you train for the next season and do you play streeball often?

I spend my summers visiting my family for a few weeks. Then I either head to Memphis, where I can refocus and workout for the summer offseason; or I meet up with the Swedish National Team. I play streetball from time to time, mostly with friends and family. I tend to focus a lot on building up muscle, and strength during my summer workouts. At the end of the summer, I focus more on cardio, and building power and vertical leap through selected plyometric exercises. 

11. You can nominate one person to be one of the next on Portrait of Ballers, what’s your pick? 

Rudy Mbemba.