Christie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. But most of all, she was born and raised with a basketball in her hands. Tired of the Canadian cold and snowy winters, she moved to Stockholm in January 2005. 
Christie never lost the passion for the game and is now an instructor at SSIF Basketball and an assistant coach for the Solna Vikings F02 team.

1. When did you start playing basketball and why?

It sounds cliché but I have been around basketball even before I could walk but I played my first game when I was 10 years old. One morning, my dad just asked me if I wanted to play.

 Christie, her dad & her first basketball

Christie, her dad & her first basketball

2. What does basketball mean to you?

Generally speaking, anyone who knows any Filipino well, knows that Basketball is an important part of the culture (and karaoke!). Basketball has everything to do with my family. It’s a shared passion and just a way of life. Basketball is how I built my family of friends here in Stockholm. Basketball helps me keep healthy in mind and body. Basketball is where I met my Peter. I don’t have the most impressive basketball CV but basketball means a lot to me. Basketball is the cause & cure of my life.

3. What is your favorite basketball court in Stockholm and why?

I am a bit of a court rat all over the place. Every week, I’m at GIH & St. Eriksplan Gymnasium for SSIF, and Råsundahallen & Vasalundshallen for Solna Vikings F02 and International Engelska Bromma. And at Matteus sitting courtside cheering on for whomever (summer vacation for my knees). Bromma is home court for me. Every Tuesday and Thursday night, I have the privilege running of with a bunch of wonderful men who make sure I earn my keep.

4. What is your best basketball memory?

There are so many to choose from but I think my best memory happened just last summer. Back in 2011, my dad was just about to throw up the jump ball when he suddenly collapsed of a heart attack. Thankfully, all court reacted quickly and was able to get my mom & an ambulance out to him in good time. He underwent a quadruple bypass and began his road to recovery.
Flash forward to summer 2014… a bunch of us were going to go shoot around and so I asked my dad if he wanted to join. Next thing you know it, we are running 5 on 5. Every play down, I had to ask, “Daddy are you okay!?” He was more than okay. I watched hold the guy he was guarding to nothing and on the offensive end he was still helping all of us with opportunities to shoot.

 Christie Got Game

Christie Got Game


5. Your favorite kicks on and off court? Which pair did you buy last?

I can’t say that I have favourite pair of shoes. Ever since I was young, I would buy the smallest men’s size of whatever they had in stock if they had men’s size (I had to wear two pairs of socks to make them fit). They didn’t make women’s basketball shoes when I played. My last 2 pairs I bought were Nike KD VI and Kobe IX. Unfortunately, they're from the kids section.

  Nike KD VI Kids - Source: Freshnessmag

Nike KD VI Kids - Source: Freshnessmag

6. Name a basketball personality you look up to:

My heroes are local. I look up to my dad, my younger sister, my brother and my baby sister, and my boyfriend Peter. They all have different strengths that I wish I can incorporate to my own game. My mom doesn't play and some of her basketball commentary is wacky but she is the supportive part of this team! I want to send a “Heja!” to my baby sister and the McGill Marlets. Congratulations on winning for your region and best of luck to you all in the university nationals!! (ed. The finals was played yesterday and Christie's sister's team lost unfortunately)

7. Who do you think will be the next Swedish player in NBA?

This is lame to say but... I don't keep up. I prefer watching NCAA, specifically March Madness where teams lay it down, all or nothing.

8. The perfect song before a game:

From when I was younger to now, Da Rockwilder by Method Man (Ft. Redman).

9. How would you define the basketball culture in Stockholm?

Everything is based on personal experience. I first step on to a court here Jan 2005. I have had nothing but great experiences. Stockholm basketball is fun, competitive and is a passionate community.

10. You can nominate one person to be one of the next on Portrait of Ballers, what’s your pick?

My pick would be Fred Drains. I had the pleasure of watching him play last year and I get luxury of basketball talk every other day. Whether it be stories of his yester years or coaching stories from week to week, I’m like a kid before bedtime, “Please Fred, tell me one more basketball story”.