Ludvig "Ludde" Håkanson was born in Bromma, Stockholm and grew up playing basketball for Alvik Basket.

He has been playing since 2011 for the FC Barcelona youth team and this season is his first playing for the A team. A true Stockholm baller with a bright international future!

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1. When did you start playing basketball and why?

I have always been playing basketball as my dad was also a basketball player (Ed. Olle Håkanson who played for the national team).

2. What does basketball mean to you?

It means literally everything! It is my life, my hobby, my job and my lifestyle.

 Ludde doing work with the FC Barcelona. 

Ludde doing work with the FC Barcelona. 

3. What is your favorite basketball court in Stockholm and why?

It must be Åkeshovshallen (indoors) because I grew up there. I like Matteusskolan too. I've been there a few times in the summer.

4. What is your best basketball memory?

That was probably when I scored a 3 pts on Spanoulis' face the first time I touched the ball in the 2013 Eurobasket!

5. Your favorite kicks on and off court?

Kobe's on the court! Without a doubt! 

Off-court, I like Air Max and Adidas Stan Smith

And the last pair I bought were Stan Smiths of course!

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6. Name a basketball personality you look upon to.

Steph Curry!

7. Who do you think will be the next Swedish player in NBA?

Marcus Eriksson (Ed. Ludvig's teammates in Barcelona).

8. The perfect song before a game?

"Changes" by Faul & Wad Ad.

9. How would you define the basketball culture in Stockholm?

I would hope and believe that it should be bigger considering how great basketball is out in the rest of the world. With more audience/fans and so on. But it will probably get bigger in the next few years. 

There are many good and committed youngsters and adults who are passionate about basketball in Stockholm. The future is bright!

10. You can nominate one person to be one of the next on Portrait of Ballers, what’s your pick? 

I nominate Alexander Lindvist

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