Per Axel Oknemark aka Penga Per is a former recording artist working at Sneakers N' Stuff. He runs a TumblR called Delta City Hoop Dreams that focuses on 1960's, 70's and 80's basketball and pop-culture. He plays pick up games about 3 times a week and is a huge fan of the game. Here is his story. 


1. When did you start playing basketball and why?

I started to play basketball in the summer of 2002. My neighbor helped us build an adjustable hoop on our backyard and that got me motivated to play on a team. My father played basketball in the 70's and that was his big passion growing up and I wanted to be like him. He grew to 6'3 in his early teens so when I started playing I always thought I was gonna grow as tall as he is. Unfortunately that never happened.  

2. What does basketball mean to you? 

Basketball is the only sport to ever really have caught my attention. Basketball culture got me into sneakers and later rap music, 2 big parts of my life that people identify me with, but this all started with basketball. 

3. What is your favorite basketball court in Stockholm and why?

Åsötorg is without a doubt my favorite. In the summer I often play before I go to work which is just around the corner. 

4. What is your best basketball memory?

One summer night I was working on my jump shot, made my follow through look like Wesley Snipes in the opening scene of White Men Can't Jump. Added some MJ legs to that and just watched my shadow on the wall as I was swishing in shot after shot without even looking at the basket.

5. Your favorite kicks on and off court? Which pair did you buy last?

I prefer playing in leather shoes and I think it's a shame that basically no modern shoe comes in leather. The Air Jordan 5 is my favorite model to play in, I have 3 pairs of Jordan 5's just for playing (metallic silver, Lanleys and black grape). The Air Jordan 3 is my favorite sneaker off court, I own 4 pair of black cements and one pair each of all three white OG colorways.  

 source: www.nicekicks.com

source: www.nicekicks.com

6. Name a basketball personality you look upon to:

Bobbito Garcia

7. Who do you think will be the next Swedish player in NBA?

Don't keep track of these young guys, sorry. 

8. The perfect song before a game: 

Any Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth or Pete Rock remix from about 92-94 always gets me going. 

9. How would you define the basketball culture in Stockholm? 

Small but dedicated. I really admire Asian-Swedes love for the game, they are out playing with their whole families on weekends. I've always thought It's a shame that basketball isn't as big as it should be in Sweden. It's a indoor sport and we have 6 months of winter. Plus Swedes are kinda tall. 

10. No Ice bucket involved, but you can nominate one person to be one of the next on Portrait of Ballers, what’s your pick? 

Stefan "Storken" Axel Foley Johansson. DJ/Club promoter that plays div 1 basketball.  

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